12 April 2016

Sager + Wilde Restaurant, Bethnal Green

Sticking with Paradise Row, we headed back to Bethnal Green last Friday night for what turned out to be a very boozy evening. First up, were pre-dinner drinks and we decided to head to Sager + Wilde, the restaurant version of the brilliant wine bar in Hoxton where we'd had our second date.

It was just warm enough to sit outside - although the bar inside was very inviting - and soak up the music from Mother Kelly's next door. Any place that plays The Rolling Stones followed by Jimi Hendrix gets in my good books. Although when the sun went down, the heaters came on and there are plenty of blankets to wrap up in.

Whilst Sager + Wilde are praised for their brilliant wine list, we couldn't resist the cocktails which are divided into 'Long drinks', 'Burnt', 'Rocks', 'Fizz' and 'Straight up'. Of course, we were instantly drawn in by the promises of mescal and whisky and could look no further for the next forty five minutes.

For him, the Olive Oil Old Fashioned with a clear, slick and smooth lasting finish. For me, the Burnt Milk with burnt clarified milk, bay leaf, mescal, burnt caramel syrup, cassia and clarified lemon - an alcoholic creme caramel that I could have drank for days. And did, seeing as between us we ordered another two. Along with the Grand Cru - burnt lactic syrup and cognac that, when drank after the accompanying sparkling wine, left an intense, rich flavour in the mouth. And also the Burnt Maple which brought together burnt maple syrup, rye whisky, mescal and walnut bitters. All but one served in beautifully heavy tumblers with a single, thick ice cube. No fripperies, no flounce - just pure unadulterated alcohol.

Had we not been skipping down to Bistrotheque for dinner, we would have stayed all night and washed down this cracking sounding bar menu.


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