21 December 2013

& other places: Christmas party

We're a fluid bunch, we like to try new places and old favourites. For the work Christmas day (it's never just a meal, a lunch, a dinner - it's an entire day), we kicked off with lunch at Ceviche and then hit the mean streets of Soho to follow.

Soho Hotel
A firm favourite, a stellar stalwart, the Refuel bar at the Soho Hotel's an easy choice. It gets super busy but the drinks are consistently good and service is always really friendly. We managed to grab seats that meant we weren't falling all over each other and settled in for a good few hours of many espresso martinis. We also flirted with raspberry martinis, dirty martinis, and a long drink called Mr Greene but returned to the old coffee classic as they're just too damn delicious.

From there, we grabbed the sofas at Circa. A sparkly gay bar with the music pumping, we stayed for a couple to fill time before our next bar on the list. I can't seem to get enough of mulled wine at the moment so bizarrely decided to move onto a couple to combat the cocktail overload.

Milk & Honey
Members only apart from with a reservation, Milk & Honey's another prohibition-style speakeasy tucked away in Poland Street. It's almost pitch black inside so there's not too much to say about the decor, other than the glimpses that the flickering candlelight affords. We holed up in a booth and perused the drinks menu before settling on a celebratory bottle of Bollinger. Just because. When it comes to the cocktails, though, apparently they're painstakingly prepared with the juices being hand squeezed that day, the spirits chilled at -40 degrees and each stir or shake counted to precision. We didn't get to experience any of this first hand but the White Seal sounded particularly nice. All very much a throwback to a more decadent era, you won't find any woo woos or sex on the beaches here...

So, nowhere that really knocked it out of the field but who cares, when you're having fun? A very generous boss, a busy year and the greatest team going - here's to Christmas. And no hangovers.


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  1. my girlfriends took me for a cocktail making masterclass at Milk & Honey for my hen night - it was very cool! great unique place, i agree with your description. x


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